Can we eat his so called humbleness?

By Bruce Bwalya

Zambians, HE IS HUMBLE as many of you perceive him hence saying we should give him a five year mandate…. God forbid!!!!


He said it has no VISION ……


I will follow Sata’s VISION……

* Are you saying Sata (MHSRIP)’s VISION was:-

1. To raise the cost of fuel?

2. To raise the cost of Mealie meal and also make sure we sell our maize outside (exporting) without making sure we leave enough in our reserves?

3. To raise Electricity Tariffs?

4. To make sure there is Loadsheding?

5. To ensure PF thugs terrorise, brutalise innocent Zambians?

6. To make sure we start queuing for mealie meal (Expensive mealie meal) like we used to do during the Kaunda era (though during KK, the problem was only queuing for the commodity but it was not expensive)?

7. To make sure people in some towns are ordered not to by two or more bags of mealie meal at once?

8. To make sure Civil Servants receive meagre Salary Increment after more than 2 years of wage freeze?

9. To make sure he assures Miners that NO ONE would lose their job, only to wake up and tell the Miner owners to retrench more than 15,000 workers so that they are deployed as Farmers?

10. To make sure he lies to all Zambians and fools us that he would create over 500,000 jobs for the youth only to make sure even those who were working lose their job?

11. To lie and fool the Zambian people about recruitment in the Defence Force and make our youths panic and use their only money to photocopy documents and travel from far places to Lusaka to personally deliver their applications at the Headquarters, all in vain?

12. To make the party kicks-out of power the likes of Rupiah Banda, Dora Siliya, Michael Kaingu, etc in 2011, only to bring them back again and sideline the founders and those who fought so hard to ensure the party wins in 2011?

13. To make sure he drains our treasury by making over 25 trips abroad and overseas just within a year in the name of calling for investors to come and invest in Zambia and in the process pocketing huge Allowances to enrich himself?

14. To make sure the cost of fertiliser goes up?

15. The list goes on and on ……..

Now, whose VISION is he going to follow if we give him a 5 year mandate (God forbid) since it is true he has no VISION of his own?????????????

Does it mean he has now found and picked a vision from somewhere??????? Where and which VISION?????

Does VISION just come automatically like network for MTN/ Airtel/ Zamtel or Internet?????

Remember Dr Scott, Sylvia Masebo, Winter Kabimba and a lot more warned us NOT to vote for Lungu ahead of January 2015 By-elections because things would not be okay in our country as the man is weak and has no capacity to govern… BUT we thought they just hated him and we stubbornly went on and voted for him… (A stubborn fly was buried together with the corpse).

Come to think of it, why would Dr Guy Scott and all those people hate Lungu of all people???
Let us learn to reason and read between lines.
Dr Scott is a well-meaning Zambian and was doing what he was doing because he loves this country so much and wanted to put it in safe hands… Now look at the problems our people are going through because of this Mr No Vision!!!!…

God is a God of chances, he is giving us another opportunity to correct our mistakes…. August 11, 2016 is the day God has set for us to redeem ourselves from this bondage…

Zambians let us ALL wake up and unite before we all perish…

May God bless us all.

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