Can you remember – RB ‘Kanitundila’ as EL =’Ndani azimya malaiti’


When RB was about to leave office, the monkey peed on him.His response was ‘I will send you to Sata’…Similary Edgar is now saying ‘HH Azimya malaiti’ to imbalance me’.Whaaao..This HH must be so powerful! Fans started chanting ‘We want Change! We want Change! Am sure HH must also have told them to do that.
PF is dead scared of HH..Just yesterday, some desperate PF thugs were going round at ‘Munyaule’ market opposite city Market asking for voters cards in exchange for money and big loans that will be written off if PF win.Fortunately many people were rejecting these offers as they are fed up with PF.. Am calling all Zambians not only UPND members to be alert and pray that this evil is stopped.

Lusaka Resident.

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