Canisius accuses PF of deception over the constitution making

ON DECEPTION: [Excerpt from the PF Manifesto, PAGE 42

Governance and Administration of the State

“Item No.22


Under the MMD government the opportunity to have a new constitution that reflects the will and aspirations of the people, and which could stand the test of time has once again eluded the Zambian people. The colossal expenditure of more than K135 billion incurred under the National Constitutional Conference has been a SHEER WASTE of resources that could have been applied to meaningful national development. This failed process has been NOTHING BUT A BETRAYAL OF THE ZAMBIAN PEOPLE. Additionally the rule of the law, social justice and the justice delivery system have been compromised.

In order to redress the above the PF government shall:
> Establish in consultation with stakeholder a Committee of Experts to review the recommendations of all previous Constitutional Review Commissions in order to draft and present a constitution which will reflect the will and aspirations of the people for submission to a REFERENDUM and subsequent enactment only, by the National Assembly.”] Now the truth is out! All this was only a facade for votes. There will be NO new republican constitution. From the foregoing, you can clearly see that the PF [Zambia’s ruling party] has no legitimacy to continue governing! Abash Deception! Have your say!

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