Canisius Banda calls for protests against PF lies

Canisius Banda calls for protests against PF lies

IMG_0284[1]The opposition United party for National development (UPND) has called on all Zambians to wage countrywide protest to express anger at the ruling PF’s failure to honour promises and for subjecting Zambians to poverty.

UPND vice president (politics) Dr. Canisius Banda made the call at Kabwe’s VK motel when he received over 40 new members during the party membership renewal exercise on Wednesday, 14th August.

Dr. Banda said the PF had lied to Zambians as confessed by commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa. He said Zambians should go on peaceful non violent protests because the Pf has taken away their freedoms as experienced in the harassment of journalists and private citizens.

During the occasion three former district commissioners in the MMD regime joined the party and were supported by many prominent businessmen who opted to support the party incognito for fear of their businesses being harmed.

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