Canisius Banda denies trying to commit suicide

Canisius Banda denies trying to commit suicide

screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-17-09-55Former UPND vice-president for politics Canisius Banda says he wont commit suicide though he is very sick.

In the morning, people on social media wondered whether Dr Banda has given up on life after he posted an article saying ‘I have been attending other people’s funerals; but soon you might be attending mine.’

Numerous people asked him whether he wants to commit suicide because the PF has not given him a job despite promising him one. Dr Banda’ suicide not e’ was posted a few minutes after the Watchdog published a story that Edgar Lungu has given numerous PF cadres tin the media jobs as ambassadors.

Dr Banda later responded that he won’t kill himself despite being sick.

He said;
‘Pilgrims must never be suicidal. They receive instruction from their Maker. Their alignment is called OBEDIENCE.

I am doing quite well really. Why would I want to kill myself?

It is only that I am unwell. Nearing 50 I have never been ill before […this ill].

So just pray for me!

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