Canisius Banda needs help

Canisius Banda needs help



There is nothing as painful as watching a loved one slowly waste away from an incurable disease. It is the most painful experience known to man. That is how how I feel today.

I am heart broken inconsolable and utterly devastated today, as I witnesses my lifelong comrade become an unfolding tragedy.

History records that that when Joseph Stalin’s and Robert Mugabe lost their wives, that’s when they became monsters.

Before President Sata died he told Dr Banda that he was a future leader of Zambia, but once again in the rough and tumble of Zambian politics, that has proved to be an illusion.

Like Judas who betrayed Jesus and Ephialtes who betrayed his fellow Greeks at the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

We have lost a comrade in the battle to make Zambia a decent and developed nation.

For those of us to whom Dr Banda was a role model, let us keep his lessons and forget the man.

Dr Banda has become like an image in the mirror. All the details of the good Doctor are their except life.

It is clear that the joker, Edgar Lungu won. He got the best of us and tore him down.

However, we must ensure that whatever Canisius fought for does not die with his reputation.

In a disordered mind lies the source of all human unhappiness. It makes us wander from one fantasy to another. And if its spell leaves us in the end it is by then too late, the hour strikes and a man dies detesting life.

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