Cannabis cultivation: headman ordered to sweep offices as punishment

A Mansa Magistrate has ordered a headman to do community work for 14 days and preach against cultivating cannabis.
The magistrate made the order after convicting headman Jonas Kaluba Chisanga of chief Chimense’s area for unlawful cultivation of cannabis.
The headman was sentenced to 14 days community work at the Drug Enforcement Commission offices in Mansa.
Headman Chisanga was further ordered to organize a meeting in his village where he should sensitize his subjects on the dangers of drugs.
And DEC spokesperson John Nyawali has disclosed that an employee of Summina Buses in Nakonde has been for drug trafficking.
Moses Simukazye, a salesman was arrested from Nakonde town centre after he was found with heroine.
Mr. Simukazye, 25, also hid some of the heroine powder in a tobacco cigarette to avoid detection.
He was trailed from the Tanzanian side of the border where he sourced the contraband and wanted to supply to some people in Nakonde.
Nyawali further disclosed that 94 people were arrested countrywide in the last seven days for trafficking in different quantities of mirra and cannabis with a total weight of 771 kilograms.
Among those arrested was a 16 year old Tanzanian national who was found with 178 bundles of mirra.

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