Captain Solo should not be celebrated

PRESS STATEMENT:                                                                           30th December 2010

Captain Solo should not celebrate or be celebrated just because he is sick.He togather with his friends had commited a very serious crime crime.Hence were criminals who need to show remorse and not try and justify his crime.You can not make sense out of nonses.Besides,two wrongs do not make a right.If he and his coligues were not happy with the govt of the day,there are established proper and legal chanels through which one can remove the govt out of power, the barrot box.You can not take drugs and bear and illigally and forcefully use govt resourses and equippment to try and remove the legimately elected govt out of power.If he and his coligues were genuine about theitor grievance,all they should ve done was to go the Zambian people and explain what they wanted to do for them and sourse their support to remove the suposedly bad gonment than to use force.Suppose inocent blood was shade, what was he going to say?
Fellow Zambians let us becareful with people who want to use force,violence,machattes and guns to get to power.let us bacareful with people who want to use under hand methods or shotcutsto get in power.That simply shows that they have no agenda for mother Zambia because if one has a vision of what he wants to do for for our great nation,all he or she would have to do is go and explain to people and if its a good one people will walk with you.
As DPP we have a great vission for mother Zambia and part of that vision is to radically and rigorously turn Zambia into an economic power house and bread basket of africa.We are going to idustrialise industry,thereby creating millions of employment for millions of Zambians.Make no mistake,we ll change Zambia and its place in the world.
But Solo and his friends were just selfish people without any vision and thats why they resorted to the use of force.He knew that no any amount of his lies would be bought by our people and hence the reason to resort to orthodox methods.period!
When he talks about povert being rampant,who was not there before and after the MMD govt came into power?Yes there was poverty just like there was  during Levy time and now in president Rupia Banda’s govt.But you can not compare the level of porverty which was in UNIP to the time of president Chiluba govt unless you are sick.Great change and improvement in every sphere was evident when mmd took over,the thing that has continued todate.
Fellow Zambians pliz let’s learn to put political afliation aside and condenm the use of  Pangas,guns or indeed any form of violence by any political player as a means to get into power because,should war arise,we ll all loose in one way or the other.Such kind of methods belong to the stone age.Capt Solo should regreat his actions and ask for forgiveness from everyone including the govt of the day at that time and surrender his heart to God.
You fellow citizenery even carry a heavier burden of helping us who are in this field of politics to start doing our politics in a civilized manner.There’s great in need in our country today for us politicians to base our politics on real issues and not politics of insults,lies,manipulation and violence.
Elisha King Musoma
The Democratic Progressive party(DPP)

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