Captain ‘Solo’ to meet Chiluba tomorrow

Coup ploter Captain Stephen Lungu, known as captain Solo has been will have a meeting with former president Fredrick Chiluba tomorrow.

The Watchdog understands that Solo made a request to meet the man he wanted to topple as president in 1997.

Sources say Chiluba has agreed to meet Solo tomorrow at 11 hours.

It is not clear what the two will talk about. Solo was released on humanitarian grounds because he is sick.

He is probably not thinking straight as there has been no medical examination to determine his mental stability after spending thirteen years in a deplorable and congested prsion.

Captain Solo was sentenced to death by hanging but his sentence was reduced to life in prison during the reign of Levy Mwanawasa.

In 2002, captain Solo and 55 other convicted soldiers appealed to the Supreme court against their death sentence.

Solo apologized to Zambians but insisted that his actions to plot the coup were justified.

Capt Solo told the court that the coup was dreamed up by himself and Captain Jack Chiti (late)

He said all the other soldiers knew nothing of the “top secret” plan and were merely following his orders.

“My concern was for the blind, the disabled, the dumb, the needy and the poor who I saw going to destruction by the hand of a wicked and insensitive president,” he told the court.

“As a soldier it was my duty to protect my fellow citizens from the autocratic and cruel government of Chiluba.”

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