Car donated by OP to Chitimukulu in accident

Car donated by OP to Chitimukulu in accident

11692650_988663484517735_4376202000597199534_nThe car which the OP donated to Chitimukulu has been involved in an accident. It was being driven by the Chitimukulu’ son.
The Watchdog is reliably informed that this Benz was ‘donated’ to the Chitimukulu by the OP using Kelvin Sampa. The PF of Edgar Lungu was forced to recognise the current Chitimukulu to win elections but do not like him at all.
Maybe it was tampered with so that it could ‘flip’ and kill the target at some point.

The accident occurred along Kasama Luwingu Road near Kasama Boys Secondary School and was being driven by the son to the Chitimukulu.

The Kasama Central is currently held by Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM who took a principled stand when he resigned as Defence Minister when the Government would not recognise Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the chosen heir for the throne of Mwine Lubemba.

Sampa, who was used by the OP to make the donations  has taken a spirited campaign to be adopted as PF candidate by traversing Kasama making all sorts of donations to different organisations and the source of ill gotten wealth is questionable as he is a questionable character.

‘This accident happens a few days before the official installation of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief and may raise issues as whether this donation was made genuinely or a threat on the Chitimukulu’s life as his recognition was done for political expediency and to appease the Bemba people,’ a Kasama based citizen told the Watchdog.

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