Caritas Zambia demands for local printing of ballots for August polls

Caritas Zambia has stated that its position on the current debate on where and who should print the ballot papers for this year’s elections is that the ballots be printed locally in Zambia.
In a letter dated 18th April 2016 and addressed to the office of the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Works and Supply, Caritas Zambia Executive Director Samuel Mulafulafu has charged that the position being peddled that there is no capacity in Zambia to print ballot papers was insincere and most shameful because there has never been a confession from private printers or Government Printers that they had no capacity to do the work.
He said the country had many reputable printers including Government Printers that can do the work adding that the bid for the work should be among local firms both private and public.
He wondered what was so sophisticated about ballot papers that can make the Government Printers to fail to print them.
He noted that several promises had been made in the past by governments including the PF to recapitalize Government Printers to have capacity to print ballot papers locally.
“Several promises have been made by governments in the past including PF, where have all those promises to the people of Zambia ended,” Mulafulafu wondered.
Mulafulafu said there was no morality in the Electoral Commission of Zambia printing ballot papers abroad at a huge cost when they told the public that voter registration could not be extended on account of lack of resources.
“What will the unregistered voters do with those costly produced ballot papers anyway? “ He questioned.
He has challenged the government to tell Zambians why the Ministry of Works and Supply has failed to equip Government Printers with capacity to print ballot papers 20 years after the country reverted to multiparty politics.

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