Cartel holding Sata hostage behind scheme to humiliate RB

Cartel holding Sata hostage behind scheme to humiliate RB

The letter inviting former president Rupiah Banda for questioning by the Anti-corruption Commission was allegedly authored by Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and their clique to achieve their motive of humiliating the former Head of State.

Sources within the Ministry of Justice and PF government have disclosed that ACC had nothing to do with that letter except appending a signature under pressure from the same powerful cartel that is holding president Michel Sata hostage.

“As you noticed the call-out to RB was in form of a letter which is not our normal practice, instead of a normal security call-out that we send to people for interviews,” sources said.

Sources said ACC does not need to explain to people they invite for such interviews like was the case in that letter to RB.

“The cartel is not happy with amount of international recognition the former Head of State has been given at various foras such as awards, lectures, and heading election monitoring teams in various countries,” the source said.

Sources said RB seems to have grabbed more credibility than Kenneth Kaunda and the current president Michael Sata.

Sources also said there is a serious attempt to divert attention from the ailing president Sata and his failure to manage the affairs of the country as per PF election promises.

“As you may know, the president is literally bed-ridden and non-functional hence the cartel taking advantage of the sad situation to usurp state powers,” sources said.

According to sources, the whole thing is a well crafted scheme where they even refused to have RB interviewed at his house because they thought it would not attract media attention which they wanted to capitalise on.

“As you know, these people also have a habit of trying and convicting people in their media through a relentless campaign of hate against their perceived enemies,” they said.

Sources said, the ACC Director General was made to sign the letter and the same people rushed and delivered it to the public media which they also control.

As a result, RB got the letter after the story had already been given to the press by the same cartel.

“It would be of interest for you guys to ask the public media as to who gave them the letter with that speed,” sources said.

And these are the same people who have looted the Task-Force seized properties under late Levy Mwanawasa hence their desire to register the London judgement in order to hide their plunder as most of the seized properties under the former Task-force have been left as bare shells empty of value.

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