Cartel orders Lungu to fire ministers

Cartel orders Lungu to fire ministers


A cartel of business men led by Valden Findlay has ‘asked’ president Edgar Lungu to fire three ministers they believe are standing in the way of their acquiring government contracts.

And Security officials have informed the Watchdog that president Lungu’s personal security is at risk as the same cartel holding him at ransom plans to have exclusive control of his activities in the next few days.

The Watchdog understands that Lungu is scheduled to go to Mfuwe presidential lodge to ‘reflect’ and possibly make changes to his government officials. But the cartel has instead managed to have its way and Lungu will not go to Mfuwe but will be staying at their private Lodge in Luangwa national park.

During his stay, President Lungu will be made to fire agriculture minister Katambo, transport and communication minister Brian Mushimba plus infrastructure minister Ronald Chitotela and and two others ministers.

Katambo and the other ministers are said to be resisting the cartel’s desire to secure all government contracts to themselves.

One of the projects that has brought this stand off between the cartel and ministers is the control of toll gates.

It’s is believed that some cartel members want to lease the operation of toll gates at fees less than what they gates currently generate for government but the line minister is resisting.

Security officials are however worried that the diversion of president Lungu from Mfuwe presidential lodge to a private outfit is a danger to the president and shows the extent of state capture.

Security officials explained that Mfuwe state lodge is equipped with all security features befitting a head of state and all presidents from Kenneth Kaunda have been lodging there whenever there was need. Security officials sa my taking the president to a private lodge has huge cost implications as they have to make sure that the lodge is as secure as state house for the whole duration the president will be there.

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