Cartel that looted FTJ’s properties behind lifting of RB’s immunity

The people calling for the illegal removal of former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity are the same people who looted the seized resources and properties belonging to late Frederick Chiluba, and other institutions and individuals under late Levy Mwanawasa, said political activist Brebner Changala.

Mr. Changala said this same cartel seems not to be satisfied with what they got and are now looking for a second bite.

Mr. Changala further said the same clique are demanding for the registration of the London judgement in the Lusaka High Court so that they conceal their plunder.

Once the London judgement is registered, no one can pursue them.

The same group currently holding president Sata hostage has not even told the people of Zambia what crime Rupiah Banda has committed but they are busy calling for the removal of Banda’s immunity.

Mr Changala said all this is being done to settle political scores which has no benefit to the people of Cambia.

Mr. Changala has since appealed to all well-meaning citizens to stop political persecutions by a selfish clique in the name of fighting corruption.

If anything is to go by, this clique has a lot of issues to settle with the people of Zambia arising from their many misrepresentations.

Zambians must live as one in their diversity. No one must be allowed to promote and encourage hatred in the nation.

What is more worrying, according to Mr. Changala is this habit of trials and convictions in the media with a view to arouse anger and ridicule against their perceived enemies.

They have turned their media houses into judicial structures in which they illegally pass judgements and sentences against their enemies.

The legitimate courts on Independence Avenue are supposed to merely rubber stamp these media judgements and sentences.

If they legitimate courts do to the contrary, they receive serious rebuke and label corrupt as an entire judicial system.
And that point a call for judicial reforms comes in as a song without a chorus and the chaos goes on and on.

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