Cat eats the dove Lungu’ s pastor wanted use in his tricks

Cat eats the dove Lungu’ s pastor wanted use in his tricks

There was confusion in one of the Churches whose Pastor is among those fake Prophets that were flocking to State House to get money to be prophesying that Edgar Lungu will win the next elections.

What happened was the Prophet in his usual way of pretence,he told the church that Lungu is winning the 11th August 13166122_1154082427975839_3485979041558513673_nelections because he is chosen by God. He told his congregants that to confirm that his prophecies were true, he was seeing a dove that was about to descend from Heaven to come and confirm to the congregation that the prophet was really communicating with God.

The congregants waited patiently to witness a miracle that was going to happen in the church little did they know that the man had sent his men to go and catch the bird, a day before and tied it in one of the Church Rooms.

After telling the Church that the dove was to descend any minute, those guys who tied the dove went to the room wanting to now release the bird so that it flies above in the church as arranged with their master.

To the surprise of these men when they got to the room, they met the shock of their lives only to find the leg of the bird hanging by the string. They tried to look around in disbelief only to see a cat lying down in the other corner with a lot of feathers for the same bird and jumped out of the room through a window.

These men ran back to the main church where their Master was busy chanting in unknown languages believed to be tongues while expecting that soon he was going to shock congregants one of the men went and whispered into the ear of the latest development.

The Prophet was shocked to extents of forgetting that the dove issue was a top secret, the man screamed at his men asking them why they had to tie the dove instead of just leaving the bird to be flying about the room.

This caught the attention of curious congregants who were also suspicious of where their man was getting powers from that God can now send him a dove. The prophet wanted to do the damage control but unfortunately it was already too late.

Congregants forced themselves into the room only to find a dove’s leg hanging by the string. These are prophets people want us to believe in ?

PF’s desparation ahead of the August elections is appalling to say the list . These people have gone in over drive playing games with the sacred name of our Lord Jesus to hoodwink unsuspecting voters into believing that Edger Lungu who is a known drunkard is God’s chosen leader of this Christian Nation . Lungu himself has not spared God and the Church by playing brasphemous propaganda involving Men of God. In his usual way of conning and using other politicians for his personal gains , he uses fake men of God to cut unholy and fake reconciliations that only benefit Lungu and those paid up fake Pastors like Bishop Joshua Banda , Pukuta Mwanza and now some Father from some high profile Parish who has been noticed as a weak link who has been used for unholy clandestine operations duping politicians into supporting Lungu and his failed PF.

Foreign Prophets have not been spared as some have oready started arriving as per contracts to give fake prophecies but sadly , they have failed to make an impact as Zambians were warned about this scheme months ago.

In the picture above is Edgar Lungu’ spin doctor and Kaiser Zulu’s partner in crime Edger “ANGONI ” Ngoma who last month was exposed for having travelled to Nigeria to dungle EURO BOND money to weak souls Men of GOLD or “PROFITS” from the JEHOVAH SHARP-SHARP Ministries Bishop Peter Ndhlovu from BIGOCA masquerading as PROPHETS to be hired by PF…The picture was taken after a meeting at State House on the middle is a Nigerian “Profit ” with Local money chaser called PAPER CHASER using the name of GOD in heaven . As to whether Ngoma’s trip to Nigeria was a success , we can’t confirm but as they say pictures don’t lie. Your answer  is in the picture!!!

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