‘Catasrophe as Nyimba dam dries up’

Dear Editor,

There is a raising water problem in Nyimba district.

This is because Nyimba Dam,the sole source of water for the water utility company Eastern Water & Sewerage Company Limited(EWSC) has dried up, hence leaving Nyimba residents with boreholes as the only alternative for water.

But with the increase in population & high infra structural development the demand for water is great yet the number of boreholes remains relatively the same.  This has spelled catastrophe as the few boreholes that were originally meant for domestic use are now being used to fetch water to be used in commercial business houses, organisations & also for building purposes resulting into never ending long ques at boreholes.

Despite the problem having occurred last year during the same period (september-november) when water bodies dry up, the concerned authorities did not seem to have done anything to prevent a re-occurrence  this year.

Most structures like the hospital,police station and schools which were built for a much smaller population now serve a population of nearly 3-4 times more than they were  intended to.

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