Converting state organs into personal property

In many african countries,bad governance by civilian or military regimes has led to political instability or civil war,resulting in the collapse of the economy.The illegal conversion of vital state organs into personal property or political tools has resulted in corruption,inefficiency and high cost for business transactions.In Zambia for example economic power is concertrated in the […]

Things Fall Apart in Zambia

THINGS FALL APART What is happening today is exactly what happened to Okonkwo in Umoufia. The same people who were chanting and cheering Okonkwo on are today whispering and hushing from the safety and comfort of their homes and offices; others are busy typing on facebook while Okonkwo is in jail, observes Antonio Mwanza. Okonkwo […]

Tribalism in national football

  Editor, I just saw the under 20 team that has been assembled for Korea. My question is, why is FAZ segregating players from other tribes? Why are they picking plates from only 2 tribes ? Here is the under 20 ‘national team’: Goalkeepers: Mangani Banda (Zanaco), Samson Banda (Zesco United), James Phiri (Circuit City) […]

Mukwita selling Lungu’s book to children

Mukwita selling Lungu’s book to children

Editor, So you were right when you said Antony Mukwita is struggling to sell his book titled ‘ Kaminaminsa, against no odds’? Today I saw him selling the book to Lungu’s daughter, the one who acted in the gods must be crazy and Lungu’ spokesperson Amos Chanda. Earlier I heard that Mukwita was bribing people […]

Post liquidators looting property

Dear Editor, Mr Lewis Mosho should be very careful with the people he is using in the operation for the Post Liquidation otherwise he will be in Problems. There is a guy by the name of Robert Chabinga. This guy is working against his boss. He’s cutting deals behind the boss back: 1. Hes going […]

Poor wages for police officers

Poor wages for police officers

I greet you in God’s name, Please hide my identity because I will be killed before i open my eyes. I am a police officer working from state house, kindly ask Mr ECL what the police has done wrong for him to punish us like this,my salary is k2700 since 2013 when Sata remembered us […]

Malawi should not expect help from Zambia

  The government of Malawi should forget PF government ever taking any action against officials involved in Maize gate scandal. We know Edgar Lungu so well. This government is led by criminals who have demolished every standing block of democracy and have no respect for the rule of law. Edgar is a product of corruption […]

Compromised speaker

  Article 63 of the Republican Constitution clearly stipulates that Parliament has a noble duty of keeping the Executive arm of Government accountable by overseeing it’s performance. It goes therefore without saying that MPs must be given ample leverage to probe the Executive and scrutinise it’s dealings without any prohibition. It is for this reason […]

Zambia under Lungu is worse off

My Opinion Why is it that there is no justice anylonger in this country? What is our justice doing in the markets? Yes its true in zambia these days there is only justice for people with money and for people in power why? Does this mean that people without money are not Zambians like these […]

Those who kill by the sword

KILL BY THE SWORD AND DIE BY THE SWORD ; THE CASE OF EDGAR LUNGU AND THE POST. The continued raping of the post Newspaper through liquidation is a sad national tragedy. The post owed ZRA, DBZ and other institutions money’s. The Post had the capacity to pay back so solutions were at hand . […]

Saviour Chishimba on Zambia, Malawi corruption

STATEMENT ON THE CONFIRMATION OF CORRUPT PRACTICES AND FRAUD BY ZAMBIAN AND MALAWIAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS IN THE US$34.5 MILLION MAIZEGATE SCANDAL BY THE COMMISSION OF INQUIRY IN MALAWI We in the United Progressive People (UPP) are pleased to note that the Commission of Inquiry into the Zambia-Malawi maize exportation saga presented its report to His […]

Proflight prefers foreign pilots part 2

Dear Editor, Having written on this subject a few days ago, this letter is to shed more light over my complaint as to the happenings at Proflight Zambia. Zambia is a peaceful and friendly country. We receive many expatriates from various countries all over the world and Zambia becomes a second home to most of […]

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