Open letter to HH

Open letter to HH

By: Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa President Hakainde Hichilema, I greet you in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is my greatest wish that this letter finds you and finds you well. I was touched and encouraged, when I saw you comfort, the mother to your children, the rock of your family and […]

HH must be freed

Please publish my opinion: My name is memory chika phiri, a concerned citizen. I ‘d like to shed light on the arrest of HH. When you go on social media you’ll find that some people are saying HH broke the law and deserves to be punished, overlooking the circumstances surrounding his arrest. It is said […]

‘The real questions’

  Editor , Why is everyone everywhere talking about HH vs Lungu? We should be asking our leaders of what happened to the much published solar hummer mills which were meant to reduce mealie meal to k50? What happened to the Zambia airways which was suppose to start operating last year july which would have […]

Lungu is a serious hypocrite

Lungu is a serious hypocrite

  Editor, I concur with Chisha who observed that Edgar Lungu should take his dictatorship to his village. Yesterday he was ordering the police to arrest UPND MPs for demanding the release of Hikainde. Now this is the same person who was saying at the same event that he can’t interfere with the work of […]

Where are the soldiers?

EDITOR , In the midst of all this state sponsored terrorism ,where citizens are brutalised by PF police cadres, the hope of all the population lies in the hands of the army,they should not keep quiet and support this nonsense ,their royalty is not to one Man who has become a monster with a stone […]

Exploitation by Multichoice

Multichoice Zambia not only exploit its customers but members of staff as well!!! It’s a well-known fact that Zambian customers are amongst the highest paying subscribers in Southern Africa. Surprisingly, this fact does not translate to anything to the common member of staff at Multichoice Zambia where staff are not well paid. We are well […]

Zambia is doomed under Lungu

  Editor There is no law observation under PF leadership even though PF president is a Lawyer. Edgar Lungu has no confidence in himself and that can be seen in the way he displays himself in the public domain. The man suffered a lot in his previous life as a ordinary lawyer that’s why he […]

Where are UPND MPs?

Editor, Where are the UPND Mps in all this? Is it only Hon Nkombo and Hon Mwiimbu? What is going on in UPND? Have UPND leadership turned their back on HH? Why can’t the MPS hold a peaceful March to police Hq and state house to demand release of HH? Then people will follow. After […]

Childish show of power

Editor, This is very much an incredibly childish show of power by Lungu, who continues to exhibit deep insecurities, and an attempt to force the main opposition party to recognise his presidency. Earlier, hours before the police raided Hichilema’s house, Mumbi Phiri, the ruling party’s deputy Secretary General, held a press conference where she challenged […]

We shall breakdown everything

  Editor, Here in Mongu we shall break down anything that belongs to government and anyone working for the PF shit regime. Let this country now go on fire. I am personally organising the riots. Likando

We need a union at Biocarbon Partners Ltd

Dear Editor, We need help to have a union at our workplace Biocarbon Partners Ltd in Rhodespark so we can have the powers to negotiate certain conditions that continue to affect us at this USAID funded project but unfortunately Management has always been against the idea.We have suffered enough and also wondering whether institutions like […]

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