Catherine Phiri wins WBC title

Zambia’s female sensational boxer Catherine Phiri has become the first Zambian to win the World Boxing Council –WBC title after she dethroned the WBC Female Bantamweight Champion Yazmin Rivas of Mexico.
According to, Catherine was quicker and sharper as she stood toe-to-toe with Yazimin and took a technical decision as well as her WBC Female bantamweight title after six rounds.
In what the media described as a shocker, Catherine caused an upset by defeating Yazmin via a technical decision after an accidental head butt ended the fight.
And despite being thousands of miles away from home, Catherine was fearless as she scored the better and harder punches in exchanges with Yazimin.
An accidental head butt near the end of the sixth round opened up a gash over Yazimin’s right eyes.
Referee Raul Caiz then took a point off from Phiri while the fight was waived off by the ringside doctor Ernesto Franco.
The decision went to the scorecards with Carla Caiz seeing it an even 57-57 while her brothers, Sergio and Raul, overruled her with scores of 58-56 and 59-55 respectively.
Catherine Phiri becomes the first Zambia to win the linear WBC title after the legendary Lottie Mwale failed at the attempt in the 80s when he lost to Saad Muhammad.

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