Catholic Bishops are right – Nevers Mumba


Since independence the church has continued to provide moral guidance to the nation. In the absence of this voice, a nation could degenerate into a godless and immoral society.

We therefore wish to commend the Bishops on their very pointed pastoral letter.

The issues raised are a source of great concern to the MMD and general population. We therefore join our voice in calling the PF government to account for the promises they made to the Zambian people prior to the 2011 election. The PF has recklessly abandoned the promises they made and have U-turned on all the expectations they raised amongst the electorate.

  1.  The PF has U-turned on their position on the Public order act, and have started to use it to steal away the human rights of their opponents. As opposition, we have become victims of the brutal misapplication of the Public order act. We demand that the POA be repealed immediately and that democracy be allowed to flourish once again in the nation.
  2. The PF has perpetuated an insatiable appetite to trigger by-elections by buying members of the opposition, either by offering them ministerial jobs or just given them money in order to defect to the PF thereby creating unnecessary by-elections at great cost to the tax-payer.

On February 28th 2013, Zambia will be subjected to thirty-eight by-elections. This is the first time a party in government has been so reckless and heartless to create so many by-elections at the expense of increasing mealie meal prices and many difficulties facing our people. We have condemned these retrogressive acts by government. MMD is participating in these by elections under protest that the behavior of government is immoral and does not take into consideration the suffering of the masses.

  1. The PF Government has reneged on the Barotseland Agreement and has thereby created a major national Security risk. The U-turn by the PF is a recipe for civil strife in the nation.
  2. The PF has targeted the judiciary with a goal to disable the judiciary wing of government. We agree with the Bishops that the much talked about judicial reforms be effected.
  3. The PF lied about giving Zambians a constitution within 90 days. This is now 450 days later and we still don’t have a clear vision on when the constitution could be put in place.

The issues raised in the Pastoral letter must be considered with the seriousness they deserve. The Bishops cannot be said to be malicious as they have in the past given great support to the PF. This letter therefore is written from an honest background to see the needs of Zambians attended to by those in government.

It has become clear now that the lack of truth and honesty by the PF leadership is what will bring them down. PF won the elections on a pallet of lies, and have continued to lie to the Zambian people. This type of governance is unsustainable.

We therefore stand with the Bishops in their moral demand to see the PF honor its promises. I also wish to urge our colleagues in the Evangelical world to state their position on these most pertinent issues affecting our nation. I thank you

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