Catholic Bishops call for end to gassing, killing

Catholic Bishops call for end to gassing, killing

The Catholic Church has called for an immediate end to the ongoing gassing of people and mob killings.

The Zambia conference of catholic bishops ZCCB has attributed the criminal and subversive activities which seem to well organized, planned, and coordinated to the bad economy, unemployment, intolerance in politics, tribalism and unfair application of the law.

Speaking on behalf of the other bishops at a press briefing this morning, ZCCB president reverend George Zulu called for an immediate end to the shedding of blood and urged members of the public not to take the law into their own hands.

“Every Zambian must uphold our traditional, religious and moral values with regard to the sacredness of human life and inviolability of human rights “Bishop Zulu emphasised.

The Bishops condemned the irresponsible recording , posting and sharing of graphic materials on social media to the unsuspecting public to come to an end.

The Bishops said for the sake of posterity, the youth and children can no longer be subjected to witnessing or participating in the murder of suspects in cold blood or used as tolls of violence.

The Bishops appealed to police to be proactive in detecting these criminal activities.

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