Catholic Bishops counsel Sata on his nepotism and regionalism

Catholic Bishops counsel Sata on his nepotism and regionalism

4.0 Appointments to public offices

There is a general perception in the country that from the time the new Government was ushered into power, a number of appointments to public office have unfortunately been tainted with nepotism and regionalism.

It is our view that appointments to the civil service and diplomatic postings should be transparent, devoid of political patronage, nepotism and regionalism. Therefore, if this is not addressed, it has a demoralising effect on career diplomats and professionalism in civil service.

We urge the Republican President to be more inclusive when making ministerial and other appointments to public office. This nation has enjoyed relative peace over the years because of the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ motto. All citizens must feel a sense of belonging to this nation.


Take your wrong doing out of my sight. Cease to do evil. Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed (Is 1:17)

Efforts being made by Government to fight corruption must be commended. Nevertheless, in today’s contentious environment where everybody seems to have their own version of truth, we urge the Government to exercise due diligence and insist that the fight against corruption be carried out within the confines of the rule of law. The fight against corruption must be free of any symptoms that betray the misuse of the judicial process to target political opponents. Instead, this fight must promote good stewardship of public resources, social justice and the common good. Our understanding of justice is that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

More specifically, Government must demonstrate how it is reforming public accountability systems to avert future corrupt practices by those in public office, today.

While political leaders may seem to be corrupt, we are aware that the civil service is the engine of development in any nation. We appeal to civil servants to commit themselves wholeheartedly to the fight against corruption.

We also invite all Church members to embrace a conversion of heart and lead exemplary lives.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. (Ezekiel 36: 26 -27).

Issued at Kapingila House, Lusaka, Zambia on 29 January, 2012 and Signed by


§ His Eminence, Medardo Cardinal Joseph Mazombwe

§ Most. Rev. Ignatius Chama – Archbishop of Kasama, Apostolic Administrator of Mpika and ZEC President

§ Rt. Rev. Alick Banda – Bishop of Ndola and ZEC Vice President

§ Most Rev. Telesphore-George Mpundu – Archbishop of Lusaka

§ Rt. Rev. Raymond Mpezele – Bishop of Livingstone

§ Rt. Rev. Emilio Patriarca – Bishop of Monze

§ Rt. Rev. George Cosmas Zumaile Lungu –Bishop of Chipata

§ Rt. Rev. Charles Kasonde – Bishop of Solwezi

§ Rt. Rev. Evans Chinyama Chinyemba, OMI – Bishop of Mongu

§ Rt. Rev. Clement Mulenga, SDB– Bishop of Kabwe

§ Rt. Rev. Benjamin Phiri – Auxiliary Bishop of Chipata

§ Mons. Ignatius Mwebe  Apostolic Administrator of Kasama

§ Very Rev. Fr. Michael Merizzi, M.Afr.  Apostolic Administrator of Mansa

§ Most Rev. James Spaita – Archbishop Emeritus of Kasama


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