Catholic Bishops dismayed by ever rising corruption by government

Catholic bishops denounces PF Corruption, Demand answers on gassing of citizens

ZAMBIA Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) president George Lungu has implored Zambians to challenge corruption in the country, which he says ‘’ is becoming part of our lifestyle now.’’ The new normal

Bishop Lungu has also asked Zambians to demand the truth about the gassing which terrified the nation early this year.
Delivering his sermon on Pentecost Sunday at Chipata Diocese, Bishop Lungu, who is also overseer, said corruption should not be tolerated as a normal way of life.
He called on all citizens to remove fear and begin to challenge all evils committed by those in authority.
“Fear to denounce and sustain the fight against corruption, corruption is becoming part of our lifestyle now. We’ve accepted it, so…and
people involved seem to get away with their loot because they are in a position to influence the outcome of whichever case may go to court,” he told the congregation. “You hear people saying, ‘I cannot open my mouth, just understand me. I have to survive and I have a family and therefore, I have to be very careful’. Fear to denounce political cadres, nanji nkhani yama cadres (more especially the issue of cadres). What is happening? Why are we being terrorised? For what reason? Innocent Zambians, innocent citizens to be terrorised like immigrants, what has happened?”
He further said there seemed to be a sustained campaign by the government against alternative voices.
Bishop Lungu said people should not fear to challenge such intimidation as well.
“Fear to demand for a clear explanation of what seems to be the suppression and a continued campaign against alternative voices. You want us to always look at things the way government looks at them, that’s so? Any alternative voice clamped! If you toll their line you are patriotic, but if you don’t you are unpatriotic,” he said.
“If indeed each one of us has received the Holy Spirit there is no way in which situations like that can be tolerated. From one generation to the other, it will be the new normal. We, the decent of the Holy Spirit, we are saying there must be a new normal, right? A new normal that demands a mask that will prevent viruses of corruption, intimidation, oppression and suppression from infecting our lives in our communities. We want that mask to come out because we are going to die. We want a mask that will enable us to lead a fulfilled life. We are demanding a new normal that has sanitisers to kill that virus. This virus of corruption and anything else has to be killed, but we need a new sanitiser to deal with that virus.”
And Bishop Lungu said people should demand the truth about the origins of the gassing that rocked the nation.
He said people should not fear but still ask relevant questions about that terrifying experience.
“Fear to demand the truth about the gassing rampage that tormented our people. You remember, it’s not long ago, basi zii (it’s quiet) as if nothing happened. Who cares? But, sometimes it’s fear to challenge the situation, what happened? Who was behind it?” Bishop Lungu asked. “We want to know. Otherwise, it is going to repeat itself. You can imagine an evil scheme that turned peace loving Zambians into mob killers; dragging people into the streets, stone them, kill them, burn them. Suddenly, what has happened?”
He called for a new normal that demanded social
distancing from those who made things that people detest.
“The Holy Spirit brings the new normal, and that is what is demanded on the day of Pentecost. To go and proclaim the good news boldly so that each and every individual understands our language of good news. Each of us should do his or her part using his or her giftedness to rid our situations of all that induce fear, leading us to lead a life of death. Pentecost is indeed a time of hope from forces that bring about fear in our lives,” he said.
Meanwhile, Bishop Lungu said the coronavirus pandemic experienced in Africa is different from the one in other parts of the world.
“Our friends are dying in thousands; we are just in single digits. It hasn’t dawned unto us how serious COVID-19 situation is. We have a different experience. One example of our friends in Europe, the Archdiocese of Bergamo in Italy, not to mention thousands of people who died; we lost 27 priests in one deanery,” said Bishop Lungu. “You might think priests are not touched with these things or not touched by death. The church is equally terrified and shaken to its very foundation because of what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Europe, in America and Asia. We were and we are still terrified by the numbers of people who have perished and continue to perish in our communities. Fear induced by the numbers of the dead. Much more than these issues, it has brought fear, death and poverty as it has affected the economies of many countries; an invisible enemy so ruthless and deadly, threatening the very existence and possible.” – Courtesy of the Mast Newdpaper.

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