Catholic Bishops explain their position on Bill 10

Catholic Bishops explain their position on Bill 10


The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops – ZCCB – has disclosed that the Catholic Church consulted stakeholders, including holding meetings with government officials like the head of state and cabinet ministers, before coming up with the recent statement on Bill Number 10.
ZCCB Secretary General, Father Cleophas Lungu, has told the media that the purpose of the consultations was to let them know the stance of the Church on Bill 10.
But, they could not listen and this is why the Catholic Church has taken the step of issuing a statement on the matter to let the nation know the stance of the Church.
Father Lungu further says the Catholic Church cannot sit idle and watch some individuals divide the country, saying people should not use the arrogance of numbers to tear the country apart.

And the ZCCB has said that the Catholic Church in Zambia cannot be accused of shunning the National Dialogue Forum and national reconciliation overtures because the 3 Church mother bodies were ever present during meetings.
ZCCB Secretary General, Father Cleophas Lungu, discloses that the Catholic Bishops of Zambia have endeavoured to engage stakeholders on the matter.
Father Lungu mentions politicians, traditional leaders, trade unions as some of the stakeholders the Catholic prelates have consulted, saying the Bishops took note of how stakeholders wanted the constitutional amendment process to be undertaken.
Therefore,the Catholic Bishops of Zambia’s statement on Bill Number 10 should not surprise even the president because the Bishops also consulted government at the highest level of head of state.

Father Lungu is also emphasising that the ZCCB statement has been issued so that the Catholic Faithful know where their Shepherds stand because Constitutional Amendment Bill Number 10 is dividing the country.


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