Catholic church accuses PF of greed and selfishness

The Catholic Church says it is unfair for senior government officials to allocate themselves heft salaries and allowances while the majority Zambians continue to wallow in poverty.

Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) president Ignatius Chama says the Catholic church will continue to not only speak for the poor but serving them through the building of hospital, schools and other social amenities.
Bishop Chama says this is what GOD expects the church to be doing.
And Bishop Chama has appealed to the people of Zambia to embrace the spirit of togetherness in order to develop the nation.
Bishop Chama, who is also the Archbishop of Mpika Diocese, says the appointment of Pope Francis as the new Pope, and his subsequent adoption of the name Francis is an indication that he wants to unite the people of the world.
Speaking during a Thanks Giving Mass at Pope Square in Lusaka today, on election of Pope Francis, Bishop Chama says the Catholic Church in Zambia has felt the spirit of unity which they want to extend to other Christians.


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