Catholic Church condemns tribal talk, notes bad financial management by govt

The Catholic Church has observed that regionalism and tribalism has cropped up in Zambia and has stressed that no tribe is more valuable and important than others.
And the Catholic Church has pointed out that it has noted bad stewardship and lack of prudence of public resources by the government.
In a Pastoral statement which was signed by Archbishop of Lusaka and Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) president Telesphore Mpundu and twelve other Bishops from across the country, the Church has warned politicians to be mindful that if Zambia is set on fire because of their hate speech they will have no one to govern.
The statement has stressed that the country’s forefathers and mothers invested a lot of energy to ensure that Zambians treat each other as brothers and sisters regardless of tribe or colour but politicians were fanning ethnic and tribal talk for their own political mileage.
The letter points out that no person chose the tribe to belong to as it was a God given identity with one common fact that all are born in the image of God.
The Church has also expressed concern on the selective application of the Public Order Act by the police as it was always in favour of the ruling party.
The letter further points out that Zambians should look forward to this year’s tripartite elections with joy and great expectation.
On the political front the Church has observed that Zambians were still suffering from one party mentality hangover where political competition is seen as a quest to annihilate opponents at all cost.
The Church notes that in some cases political leaders were encouraging violence through inflammatory speeches.
And the Catholic Church has pointed out that it has noted bad stewardship and lack of prudence of public resources by the government.
The Church said whereas government was giving excuses on the causes of the economic challenges on global effects, it has seen bad stewardship and lack of prudence in management of the economy adding that government should walk the talk and demonstrate good stewardship of financial resources.
The letter further notes that the success of an economy should not be measured through GDP growth but positive effects on the lives of people and narrowing of the gap between the rich and poor.
And the Church has warned that government should not take advantage of the poor rain and anticipated drought to politicise relief food.
‘Government should plan ahead and ensure that no one starves and food relief should not be used for political mileage,’ reads the letter in part.
It has further been observed that District Commissioners were operating as full time party cadres of the ruling party when they were supposed to be professional civil servants.
‘District Commissioners are working as full time politicians of the ruling party, they work as party cadres, their role in the electoral process must be watched seriously,’ the Church warns.
The Church has also appealed to Catholic Priests to be non partisan even as the country approaches the August 11 elections.

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