Catholic Church rejects PF’s empowerment fund

Catholic Church rejects PF’s empowerment fund

The Catholic Church has completely refused to accept the bribery money the PF is dishing out to churches in order to win votes in the forthcoming general elections.

While failing to pay retirees and give students bursaries and provide adequate medicines in hospitals, the PF has come up with ‘Church Empowerment Fund’ which it is dishing out to some of these money mongering churches.

But the vigilant Churches have rejected the ‘Silver’.
In the attached letter, Fr George Lungu, the Bishop of Chapata Diocese explains why the Church will not partake of the PF silver.

He has asked government to give the money to more needy members or areas of society.

Bishop Lungu has directed Catholic Churches and priests to stay away from this money.

But the Papas are busy lining their pockets and even giving those loud, long winding prayers which makes Jesus close his ears.

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