Catholic Church urged to reject RB’ s donation

The Catholic Church in Mufumbwe has been urged to reject money President Rupiah Banda has pledged towards repairing the burnt church building because the church is led by people who do not have children.
Speaking in an interview CCJP said donations from government would compromise the social teachings of the church. Since Independence, Government has never funded the Catholics to build churches any from of donation to the church now is questionable.
CCJP at St.Monica (Icengelo) Parish in Mpika diocese said President Banda should not give money to the church as he has been insulting its leaders. “Banda should not pretend that all is well when his cadres and he have been attacking the church,”CCJP said.
The donation in Mufumbwe is aimed at repairing the soured relationship between the Church and the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) relationship.
CCJP advised church leaders to be weary of such moves because the building might have been burnt by the MMD themselves because of the position of the church on the ruling party.

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