Catholic ‘Priest’ Mwanamwalye castigates Fr. Bwalya for sympathizing with RB

Chongwe Parish Priest in charge and Post newspaper columnist Gabriel Mwanamwalye has castigated Alliance for a Better Zambia leader Fr. Frank Bwalya for sympathizing with former President Rupiah Banda in his continued persecution under the PF government.

According to Fred Mmembe’s Post newspaper Mwanamwalye who is believed to have a child with one of the daughters to Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo of the Soli people is quoted as having wondered the motive behind the opposition leader’s presence at former president Banda’s recent court appearance.

“It is not wrong for somebody to sympathize with someone who is in court for any reason. Human as we are, we are called upon to exercise altruism whereby you feel for another person. Regardless of what offence one is facing, by virtue of being human you have to sympathise but sympathy does not mean condoning what one is alleged to have done,” Mwanamwalye is quoted.

However Fr. Bwalya said he would issue a comprehensive statement later but doubted whether his fellow Priest would discourage the act of sympathy by one person onto another. It is two way, the words could have been planted into Mwanamwalye’s mouth or he could have uttered them because he is on the Mmembe’s payroll.

Of late the Post has been maliciously planting words in people’s mouths, some of which have made victims taking legal action. Recently the tabloid accused Youth minister Chishimba Kambwili of having said that he does not mind being fired by President Sata since he has already made a lot of money for himself.

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