Catholic priest says current political violence threatening peace

Catholic priest says current political violence threatening peace

IMG-20160722-WA0008Catholic priest Fr Isaac Kalafu says the levels of violence are threatening the peace of the nation and should not be entertained any further. Fr Kalafu, who is priest in-charge at St Charles Lwanga Parish in Ndola’s Chipulukusu compound, said the current political violence was shocking.

He said the levels of violence witnessed during the campaigns elections were unbecoming and shameful.

“As a Christian nation, as we call ourselves, we should desist from any form of political violence. We are all created in the image of God, so if we injure one another, we are injuring God since we are created in His image. Killing one another has no place in Christianity. Love one another and we will see development in this country,” Fr Kalafu said.

“There is no need to fight each other because of divergent views. We believe political violence can be stopped by those in authority. If leaders strongly tell their cadres to sober up, this violence will stop.”

He said the leaders were using the poverty of the youths to cause violence.

“You give the poverty -stricken youths beer, so what do you expect? This is what is causing this violence. So leaders, by all means, try to avoid giving beer to the youths. Be responsible leaders,” advised Fr Kalafu.


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