Catholic priest who urged PF to rig elections repents but

Catholic priest who urged PF to rig elections repents but

FATHER Lastone Lupupa says the suggestion to rig the 2021 elections should have not come out of his mouth as a clergyman.

But see the other video where he prophesied that President Lungu will win elections without campaigning. IMG_6808

The priest has since apologised and begged Zambians to find space in their hearts to forgive him.

On Wednesday, a brief and undated video of Father Lupupa suggesting that it was better to rig an election than allow some people to govern Zambia hit the internet.

In the video, without directly mentioning who he was referring to, Father Lupupa said some people would never enter State House because they were vengeful, unforgiving and full of themselves.

He suggested that it was better to steal an election from such people because they were threatening to jail their predecessors instead of promising forgiveness.

But the video was recieved with anger from the public who responded with widespread condemnation.

The priest remained mute until this morning when he surfaced with a 116-second filmed apology which he delivered in Bemba.

In a sombre and relaxed tone with a solemn instrumental in the background, contrasting sharply with the Wednesday video, Father Lupupa sought forgiveness from Zambians.

“My name is Father Lastone Lupupa SJ, I seek for forgiveness from you citizens, from you Zambians. Especially those of you who heard the message on social media which I spoke with my mouth suggesting that election results must be rigged,” Father Lupupa said.

“I seek your forgiveness because as clergyman man, such untterances are not supposed to come out of my mouth,” he added.

He said such untterances should have not come out of his mouth especially before members of the Catholic Church before whom he stood to preach the good news of Christ.

Father Lupupa said his apology comes after discussions with senior members of the church who permitted him to speak to “all of you who were hurt”.

“I am a very good citizen of Zambia, in fact I am peace cadre,” Father Lupupa said.

The former Matero Parish Priest said he wanted peace in this country.

“I hope my apology will will find space in your heart. Find a place in your heart to forgive me, I am sorry, please forgive me,” he pleaded.

“Let us continue to remain patriotic,” urged Father

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