Catholic priests call for an end to insults

The Catholic Church in Mazabuka has called for an immediate end to the bitter exchange of insults between leaders if the campaign for reconciliation being propagated by the church is to make an impact.

The church has also urged Zambians to respect the leadership of President Banda and avoid putting his name into disrepute because he is the Father of the nation.

Mazabuka Parish Priest in Charge, Father John Mansaya and his Monze counterpart, Father Spencer Nyendwa made the call in an interview with ZANIS in Mazabuka today.

They also called for an end to tribal remarks being perpetrated by some sections of society adding that the development is a threat to the economic, social and political gains recorded by the country.

The duo also called for an end to regional politics which they said is a recipe for ethnic violence.

The Priests were speaking prior to the sensitization meeting to be held tomorrow on the need for Zambians to embrace one another through the One Zambia, One Nation motto.


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