Catholic Priests in Mongu also refute Post Newspaper story

Catholic Priests in Mongu also refute Post Newspaper story

These are the screaming lies

Catholic Priests of  Mungu Diocese have also dismissed as total fabrication a report by the Post newspaper that the Litunga told them that he is against secession.

The Bartose Royal Establisment has already rubbished the story and has threated to take measures against the journalist whose name was put as the author.

In a press statement issued late Saturday by  Fr.James Connoly,  the Vicar General of Mungu Diocese and Fr. Gregory Nyambe the chairperson priests’Diocese , the priests said that the issue of secession was not even mentioned at the meeting.

They said they wished through the press statement to ‘correct the impression created by the story carried by the Post News Paper purporting that the issue of secession featured in our meeting with the Litunga and the Kuta.’

The priests stated that the correct facts and position are that, ‘as Catholic Priests of Mungu Dioces, we acknowledge that we met with the Limulunga and the Kuta on Wednesday November 21st,2012 from 15:00hrs-17:00hrs.This was at the invitation of the  Kuta.

‘The reason for the invitation was for the Kuta to Brief the Clergy on issues surrounding the resignation of the former Ngambela Mr.Clement Wainyae Sinyinda.’

During the meeting, said the priests, ‘we the Clergy gave spiritual support and assured the Litunga of our prayers for him and for all the people of his Kingdom.’
‘Thus we would like to categorically state in no uncertain terms that at no stage during the meeting did the Kuta state that they are against the resolutions of the Barotse National Council-BNC.’

‘In this regard, the story carried by The Post News Paper dated 23rd November,2012 under the headline I NEVER SUPORTED SECESSION-Litunga, is a total Fabrication and misrepresentation of the correct senario..

The priests advised journalists at the Post newspaper that it’s important that they check their facts and present them factually as possible.

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