Catholic Radio hosts PF officials promoting ethnic conflicts

Catholic Radio hosts PF officials promoting ethnic conflicts

Tongas are bad, immature people and those working in Northern province are hypocrites that should not be trusted, PF officials in Kasama have told Radio Lutanda in Kasama. Radio Lutanda is a Catholic Church owned radio station.

Its difficult to understand why a Catholic Radio station will promote such hate speech and incite ethnic conflicts.
Listen to the recording on Zambian Watchdog Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Laura Miti has written that  The PF is Playing a Dangerous Tribal Game

I just listened to a recording of Kasama PF officials spewing astounding hate propaganda against the Tonga people on Lutanda Radio.

It’s shaken me to the core.

If this is the route they have chosen to take, the PF is playing a dangerous game with our country. It is the kind of subliminal messaging to captive audiences that planted the toxic seed that resulted in the horror of Rwanda.

It is a crime against nationhood but also against the innocent listeners being systematically poisoned.

I hope President Lungu and the PF leadership act decisively against Abraham Mulenga & John Sampa. Right now PF officials are sure they are are carrying out the wishes of the leadership.

Holding onto power is not worth this kind of insanity.

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