Catholic sister ignores Lungu’s offers of material things, asks for prayers

Catholic sister ignores Lungu’s offers of material things, asks for prayers

LunguPresident Edgar Lungu has been taught a lesson on humility and that not everybody in Zambian is moved by worldly possessions, especially those stolen from public coffers. Lungu learnt the lesson when he visited Mother Theresa Hospice in Mtendere over Christmas.

Lungu was visibly ashamed when a Catholic sister ignored his offers of worldly possessions but instead asked for prayers.

President Lungu arrived at the hospice at 11:35 hours and was received by Catholic Sisters who later ushered him into the office of the sister-in-charge. While in the office, Lungu boastfully asked sister-in-charge, Sister Rebecca to make a wish so that he could grant it.

Blasphemously exalting himself to the level of Angel Gabriel, Lungu said:

“What would you wish your President to do for you; just one wish; one wish from the President even for Christmas. Imagine you were in bed and the Angel Gabriel came, and said here I am,

I just want to grant you just one wish from the Almighty God, what would be that wish?” President Lungu asked.

In response, Sister Rebecca humbly said she would tell the Angel to pray and bless her life. Waooooooooh. He failed to pray for her as she requested.

This caused Lungu to laugh uncomfortably as he clearly expected the sister-in-charge to request for material things like money and other hand-outs Lungu gives to marketeers.

In apparent shame, Lungu who was accompanied by Lusaka district commissioner, Captain Davison Mulenga, pretended to express shock that TB was a common disease in Zambia. Who doesn’t know that? Or now that Lungu lives in State House he thinks TB has ended in Zambia?

Lungu later started donating distributing Jiggies, sweets, corn puffs and a T-Shirt with Zambian colours to each TB patient in the ward as he was wishing them a Merry Christmas and asking them if they were fit enough to play football.

In the female ward, the President also donated Jiggies, corn puffs, sweets and chitenge materials to all the patients.

President Lungu later visited the children’s ward where abandoned children under the age of five were he kept and donated food stuffs, including millie-meal, sugar, biscuits, drinks, tooth paste and bathing soap.

Lungu and his entourage later drove to Mtendere Market where PF youths were waiting to meet him.

Upon arrival at Mtendere Market, the President was led to the police post where he met some police officers who presented him a list of problems and operational challenges.

President Lungu’s visit to Mtendere attracted heavy security leaving a prime TV journalist, Wells Chifunda, injured by one of the police officers who was restricting access to the police station.

After about five minutes, President Lungu proceeded to Chongwe where he was being awaited.



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