Leaked email shows Zambeef repackaging expired kidneys

A leaked email shows that Zambeef is selling expired food to unsuspecting Zambians. An email from Zambeef Chief Operating Officer  Michael Ledwith reproduced at the end shows him asking Zambeef’s Huntley Farm Abattoir Manager for expired kidneys so that Zambeef can start repacaking them.

According to insiders, Zambeef has been importing a lot of meat (beef and pork) such as  Liver, Kidneys, Hooves, Tripe (offals), ox-tails, flanks, Boneless beef, Flanks, Pork spare ribs, Pork Trimmings, Pork skins and Chicken MDM .

These imports when they get into the country are normally stored at Chibote before they are moved to Zambeef’s Huntley farm for dispatch to Zambeef’s Outlets and other clients.

Below is the email from the Zambeef boss asking about expired kidneys:

From: Hennie Terblanche [mailto:henniet@zambeef.co.zm]

Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 9:05 AM

To: ‘Michael Ledwith’;

Subject: RE: IMPORTS

Morning Mike,

No, we didn’t collect anything last week.

We can collect the Boneless from Chibote on Wednesday. Are the expired kidney available to load as well? I would like to start bringing them to Huntley for repacking?


From: Michael Ledwith [mailto:mledwith@zambeef.co.zm]

Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 8:32 AM

To: ‘Hennie Terblanche’;


Stock recon for items at Chibote.

Hennie,  Did you collect anything last week from Chibote?

Also the remainder of the Boneless Beef is now able to be loaded, about 4t only. When do you want to collect it?

Michael Ledwith



+260 211 288538

+260 211 286452 (Direct)


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