Cause water blues explained

Cause water blues explained



Further insights regarding the Chambishi water blues are that it is on record that Nkana Water and Sewerage Company Ltd bought wrong submersible pumps to extract water.

During the rainy season when Kafue river water levels are sufficiently high, there is no problem. But in the dry seasons of the year when the river water levels reduce significantly, the pumps are not able to abstract water from the river. To compound matters, a bigger pump which was procured to address the bottlenecks was also found to bear wrong specs. As a result, this pump has been undergoing repairs forever. At the most, it is only functional for a week or two before it breaks down again. From all indications, it is incapable of being serviced any more. NWSC had hoped to purchase a new pump under the new Chambeshi Metals upgrade project to resolve the Chambishi water blues. This seems not to have materialized.

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