Causes of corruption among traffic police

Dear editor,
Allow me space on your media to share with the well meaning Zambian what my experience has been on the zambian roads.
I have been a driver for many years now, I have been found wanting by the traffic police on several traffic offences and charged. One thing I have not done is to corrupt the police.
However, I have seen how corruption occurs on the zambian roads.
1.  Traffic police that use personal vehicles during patrols:
There is no traffic officer that can be kind to the level of sacrifyicing own personal car to the GRZ work with a huge benefit that GRZ itself.  Therefore, these are the officers who ask for a bribe from offenders at a discounted figure instead of offenders paying to the government.
2.  Huge sums payable for various offences:
The fees involved for various offences are too much, hence the offender would be tempted to ask for a favour from the police officer.  instead of paying K270,000.00, an officer can accept a K150,000 or a K100,000 or even a K50,000 and the corruption has worked for the offender and the traffic officer.
3.  Traffic officers who are in Transport business:
I can give an example of Livingstone, the tourist capital. Most of the pilators are pilating using vehicles whose owners are traffic officers or other police officers. their vehicles can not be impounded even when they break the law in day light. I believe that is corruption as well.
Most times if you refuse to corrupt the traffic officer, you are given a receipt that does not have a silver coat of army, the one for GRZ use tell me if that is not corruption as well.
suggestions to RTSA
It is better the Police stops collecting these fees on your behalf instead let them submit a list of offenders to you so that offenders can be warned once or twice then give then a period of time within which they can pay direct to RTSA data base.
Let the traffic officers give a warning first to offenders instead of a fine always especially for the look motorists. For example if Iam leaving within the locality why can’t the police ask me to go and work on the defect or problem them I report for checking, rather than being finned always.
Lets fight corruption all of us I dislike it.
Please hide my names because I am a government worker, you know how our PF government is I can be followed up.

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