CB minister, PS fight over Stanbic, Zambezi Portland bribes

CB minister, PS fight over Stanbic, Zambezi Portland bribes

Mwakalombe and his PS Nundwe fight over Zambezi Portland, Stanbic bribes

Copperbelt Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe and his Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe are reported to have been fighting over bribes by Zambezi Portland Cement, Stanbic and monies donated by other business entities to the Copperbelt Investment Expo held from June 24 to June 29, 2019.

On May 29, 2019 Stanbic donated K200,000 to Mwakalombe’s office but this money is said to have grown legs under Mwakalombe’s watch. This appears to have infuriated Nundwe. But knowing Stanbic, they must have obtained favours in exchange.

In May this year, a source at the Provincial Office in Ndola tells the Watchdog that Zambezi Portland Cement Director Antonio Ventriglia on May 30, 2019 gave Mwakalombe US$45,000 cash at Protea Hotel in Ndola meant for the Coppetbelt Expo which he never declared to the organising committee of the Expo.
Information filtering through states that Antonio Ventriglia had told the Minister that he did not want the donation to be publicised amidst long running court battles with Finsbury Investments over share ownership in the courts.
The Watchdog has repeatedly reported how thousands of US$ were being externalised by Directors at Zambezi Portland Cement to a named Italian bank.
When Nundwe realised Mwakalombe had not made known the money from Zambezi Portland through the Ventriglias family, Nundwe got incensed accusing the Minister of getting money from business houses under the guise of the CB Expo.
When Nundwe sought clarification from Mwakalombe, the Minister described the US$45,000 as a friendly handshake from a friend of the system and the PF.
“From the tine the Ventriglias started fighting Finsbury Investments over shares in court, these Italian crooks have been trying to be as close to government officials and the biggest beneficiary was Bowman Lusambo when he was Provincial Minister. We don’t even know how the K200,000 from Stanbic was used and the US$45,000 from Zambezi Portland was even used. Nundwe accuses his boss of chewing the monies. There are other monies that come from the Ventriglias to the Minister every Friday as weekend entertainment,” a highly placed source said recently.
“What we know is that the Ventriglias are looting Zambezi Portland dry.”
The Watchdog understands that Mwakalombe has now become a permanent feature at Protea Hotel where he meets all manner of crooks and almost surpassing Lusambo’s record.

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    SONTA DONATION YOBE 1 week ago


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    BOZ Inspector 1 week ago

    Stanbic Bank has so many scandals.

    – One MD, a Scotsman called A Mears, was investigated by ACC for altering company documents lodged at PACRA. 
    – Mears left the bank because he allegedly fathered a child with former bank marketing manager M Sakala.
    – One South African client got a huge loan then disappeared but was reportedly killed by a crocodile at Kariba. 
    – J Mwanza at BOZ was used by South Africans to approve L Kalala as bank MD despite being sued by depositors along with A Sardanis and V Chitalu for messing up Meriden BIAO. 
    – Kalala’s former girlfriend Y Sikazwe was almost fired for using company courier to smuggle phones to South Korea. She was saved by her late father in law D Mulaisho who pleaded with D Phiri, the then chairman and father to G Phiri and S Phiri.
    – Kalala’s other girlfriend J Mutate gave out a loan that went bad using a false collateral assessment report.
    – D Chewe ex-forex manager was used by Lebanese to launder money.
    – One G Mwaba used her friend in South Africa to become head corporate despite limited bank experience.
    – Through the HR head G Malenji the bank once bought its senior managers stolen cars. Malenji was blackmailed over this by junior staff.
    – As HR Malenji flooded the bank with Northwesterners to counter Malawians who once dominated the bank. One of these Northwesterners is K Lemba Captain P Lemba’s daughter. She was once implicated in the Black Mamba/Zero Option case.
    – This P Gondwe lady at Barclays probably studied M Mukupa who looted the Stanbic vault as well years back.

    This J Kapesa the current DG for this National Health Insurance is another Stanbic alumni. He got the bank job through C Katulwende, a nephew of the ex-HR head above.

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    This has been the modus operandi of the Ventriglias from the time of RB and shortly after the passing of HE M.C. Chilufya.This institution has been a cash cow for the politicians in the guise that they will secure the ownership of the company to the Italians no matter the court outcomes.

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      BaLazo 1 week ago

      Typical PF modus operandi contrary to what he said, former State house Press Aide Amos Chanda was forced to resign after President Edgar Lungu learnt that he received money to influence the course of KCM from liquidation to receivership.
      A reliable source tells us that Mr Chanda got huge sums of money to convince president Lungu not to liquidate KCM. But president Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu who was initially at the Centre of this deal but chickened out, found out and told Lungu hence resolved to fire him.
      Amos then tried to use former Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda to plead on his behalf till a deal was cut that he resigns.
      ‘Kaizer Zulu has been telling the president that Amos has been in contact with vandeta the owners of KCM and that he has been forcing the team which the President appointed to look into the liquidation issue of KCM to overturn on the liquidation matter and go the receivership way. And some good amount was promised if that would be done. But this didn’t settle well with the boss. It’s a greedy issue,’ one source said.
      ‘Kaizer Zulu accepted the deal but he later u-turned and reported to the President. Hence this put Amos in a awkward position because he was the mastermind and the contact person with Vandeta,’ the Watchdog has been told.