CB residents continue to queue for mealie meal

CB residents continue to queue for mealie meal

Copperbelt residents have continued to queue for the scarce bags of mealie meal, the main staple food for the country.

In Chililabombwe, residents queue up as early 04:00 hours at Antelope Milling company to buy the commodity whose shortage some traders are taking advantage of by selling as much as K80,000 per 25kg bag of mealie meal.

Critical shortages have also been reported in North-western province towns of Kabompo and Solwezi, where traders are selling the little available bags at between K75,000 and K80,000 per 25kg bag.

The PF government recently re-introduced the UNIP style mealie-meal subsidies by ordering the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to sell the 50kg bag to millers at K60,000 loss compared instead of K65,000 that the government was buying from farmers.

The move to subsidise the maize, which has so far not been felt by consumers, was aimed at stabilising the sky-rocketing mealie-meal prices and shortages in the country.

The ruling PF has been blaming the opposition, millers and even the South African government for mealie meal shortage and shortages of other essential

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