CB’s Kwacha constituency residents to ‘impeach’ MP over water shortages

People in the Copperbelt’s Kwacha constituency are up in arms with the PF government and their area Member of Parliament, Boniface Mutale, over lack of water in the area.

Sources have said that so far over 200 women and men in the area have signed a petition with photocopies of their National Registration and voters cards to petition the area MP and the PF government over none provision of water in the area.

The residents have complained that they had not water for over three months now, a situation they fear may lead to serious disease out-breaks.

This afternoon, over 1000 people gathered to plan a way of impeaching their area MP who they accused of not visiting them to listen to their plight, especially over lack of water.

The Kwacha residents, mainly women have complained that they voted for PF in the area even when they did not know the candidate properly, because they had high hopes and have now been disappointed.

One of the residents, Lazarous Banda said people in the area are now planning a demonstration this Thursday to appeal for water in the area as they fear for an out-break of water-bone diseases such as cholera and dysentery during the rain season.

The residents have complained that each time they go to see the area MP, he keeps telling them to see him after a month or two.

So far Copperbelt has been hit by a critical shortage of mealie meal.

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