CBU bans squatting

CBU bans squatting

The Copperbelt University Vice Chancellor Professor Ngoma has with immediate effect banned students from squating. The Copperbelt University has an accommodation capacity of around 1800 bed spaces against the more than 7000 students enrolled at the University.

Because of this, for years now students have been accommodating each other by sharing bed spaces.
The tyrant VC has vowed to make sure everybody not accommodated stays outside campus, meaning over 5000 students need to find boarding houses.

This is infact very impossible. First years are currently doing their registration in school and majority of them are being forced to sleep outside in the cold due to the VC’s stance.
As students we ask the world to take a look at what is happening at our university.

Is it our fault that CBU management always over enrolls? Is it our fault that we do not have enough accommodation. If our President, Michael Sata can allow street vending due to lack of space in the markets, why can’t the VC allow squating due to lack of accommodation?

Concerned CBU student.

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