CBU lecturers not paid for November


The Copperbelt University Academics Union (CBUAU) has noted with dismay, the failure by CBU Management and Government to pay Salaries to workers at CBU for the month of November 2019. This trend of delayed salaries at the Copperbelt University is very disappointing and demoralising to the workers. The Copperbelt University Academics Union (CBUAU) shall therefore, not entertain this scenario anymore. Why should we be reduced to beggars? According to the Employment Code Act 2019 section 66 subsection (2), the law is very clear on payment of employee wages and it states as follows “The wages of an employee shall be paid at regular intervals not being later than the 5th day following the date upon which they fall”. In this case, workers should have been paid on the 28th of November 2019. Therefore, Management has abrogated the law by not paying the workers
on time.

What is disheartening is that most students have since paid their 2020 tuition fees but we have a poor management that is misdirecting these finances to the construction of “Toll Gates” at highly exorbitant and exaggerated costs but which do not add any value to the running of the institution. We have mentioned time and again, that we have a failed Vice Chancellor and management at the Copperbelt University that needs to be removed for things to return to normal.

To this effect, if the delayed November 2019 salaries are not paid by Today Tuesday, 10th December 2019. The scheduled classes that commenced on Monday 9th December will not be conducted as members will be busy sourcing money elsewhere to take care of their families. Our members will only resume normal activities once they are paid.

To this effect, all matters to do with Board of Studies meetings, Board of Examiners, Senate Examination Committee and classes will not take place until November 2019 salaries are paid. Just like any other parent, we have children to send to school and families to feed at our homes and this continued delay of salaries is unacceptable and immoral.


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