CBU lecturers threaten to withdraw labour due to delayed salaries

The Copperbelt University Academics Union (CBUAU) has warned that lecturers will withdraw their labour effective 3rd June unless their delayed salaries are paid.
Union Acting General Secretary Willie Ngosa said in a statement that apart from the urgent need to pay the delayed salaries to employees, the Copperbelt University was still faced with a number of challenges which require governments’ intervention.
Ngosa expressed disappointment at the institutions failure to pay Copperbelt University employees salaries for the month of May.
‘The trend of delayed salaries at Copperbelt University has become a norm which has demoralised the workers and as CBUAU, we are not going to entertain this,’ said Ngosa.
He said the government must be serious when it comes to funding institutions of higher learning.
‘As a union we wonder why the government is failing to fund CBU when money to transport cadres to stadiums is easily found. This shows a serious lack of priority in the Higher Education Sector by the government,’ Ngosa said.
Ngosa further warned Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu to be serious with the running of his Ministry and wondered why he (Kaingu) accepted a job which he is incapable of performing.
‘The Higher Education sector is paralyzed under his leadership as minister and it’s a shame,’ said Ngosa.
He said according to the Employment Act Chapter 268 section 48 subsection (2) the wages of employees must be paid at regular intervals not being later than the 5th day following the date upon which they fall.
‘In this case, we should have been paid on the 28th of May 2016 and management has abrogated the law,’ Ngosa noted.
Ngosa has stated that the Copperbelt University Academic Union will enforce the standing order that the Union gave to management effective Friday 3rd June 2016 that whenever salaries are delayed for more than five days after the pay day, labour shall automatically be withdrawn until salaries are paid.
He also disclosed that lecturers will not take part in the ongoing sessional examinations until May salaries are paid.
‘You may wish to know that final examinations are now in progress. This means that lecturers shall no longer take part in the ongoing sessional examinations until May salaries are paid. Just like any other parent, we have children to send to school and families to feed at our homes and this continued delay of salaries is unacceptable,’ Ngosa said.

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