CBU now worse than military Barack

Copperbelt University staff has bemoaned the strict security measures being implemented at the institution for both students and members of staff including visitors. The angry CBU staff has described the measures as cumbersome and too strict exceeding that of army barracks “If you look at that memo, the guidelines are all cumbersome and believe me even a barrack don’t have such measures” Lamented one CBU employee.

On 3rd February, minister of higher education Micheal Kaingu, through a ministerial statement, announced the indefinite closure of UNZA and CBU following riots by students, who were demanding the payment of their delayed meal allowances. However, after pressure from various stakeholders, Kaingu on March 9, announced through another ministerial statement, that the PF government had decided to reopen the two universities around the 10th of April 2016 but attached certain conditions among them was the scraping off of the students’ meal allowances at the two universities, signing of commitment letters by the students and increasing the security at the 2 institutions.

The Bursaries Committee under the Ministry of Higher Education was created by Statutory Instrument (SI) number 182 of the 1973 education Act of the Laws of Zambia. This law provides for tuition fees, accommodation fees, cost of books, project and equipment expenses and students’ upkeep.

Below is the memo that has been sent to CBU members of staff:



DATE : 14TH APRIL 2016


Following the Ministerial Announcement in Parliament by the Minister of Higher Education Hon. Dr. Michael L. Kaingu on the reopening of the Copperbelt University, new measures have been put in place to enhance security and the following measures have been instituted:-

1. All members of staff are to register their vehicles with Security Department and obtain Staff Gate Pass. No vehicle will be allowed access into the University without gate pass.

2. Equally, students with own vehicles will be required to register their vehicles with Security and obtain a Student Gate Pass.

3. All students will be required to be in possession of an identity card. No student without an identity card shall be permitted to enter the University premises.

4. Service providers to the University are required to obtain a Service provider Gate pass at Security.

5. Dependants staying in the University residential areas are to be issued with Identity Cards and required to submit two passport size photos.

6. Visitors to the University entering either through Gate A along Jambo Drive or through Gate B along Chiwala Avenue will be issued Gate passes and will be expected to exit through the same gate entered.

7. Parking of vehicles shall be in designated places. Parking in the following areas is prohibited.

(a) Obstruction of Traffic lights.
(b) Service bays and under Balconies /access entrances.
(c) Lawns.
(d) Parallel parking to Principal Officers car park.
(e) Pedestrian Crossing.
(f) Reserved parking for Ambulance.

8. Traffic Regulations.

Kindly note that University roads are gazetted. Consequently, drivers are urged to observe Speed Limits and Traffic Lights Regulations.

All motorists not observing speed limits and failure to stop at traffic lights commit an offence.

Helen Mwenya Mukumba (Mrs.)

Copy to: Vice-Chancellor
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Principal Officers
Dean and Directors
Secretary – CBUAU
Secretary – CUSATSU
Secretary – CBUAWU

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