CBU students ponder protesting against changed academic calender

CBU students ponder protesting against changed academic calender


Our union Secretary General Levy Sakala just released this statement to the students on the CBU group on Facebook;-
Today, there was a Special Senate Meeting to Consider the Academic Calendar. This was done due to the late advertisement of bursaries for first
year students.
According to correspondence from Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance did not have enough budgetary funds to support both first year students and returning students with entitled traditional allowances.
The government through Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary requested CBU Senate to adjust the calendar to so as to offer first year students time to apply for bursaries and for the committee to process the bursaries and government will be ready with funding.
The following are the adopted dates:
-First Years Arrive on 15th April, 2013cbu
-Returning Arrive on 22nd April, 2013
-Each term has 10 weeks of classes
-Mid term breaks are now two weeks
-Study break two weeks
-Exams 15 days.
Long Vacation Begins 1st February, 2013
Further updates will be made in due course.

Students are grieved because govt has indicated that they had no funds for Bursaries for the first and yet they are still spending colossal amounts of money on By Elections. The academic year was supposed to begin on 17th March for 1st years and on 24th March for returning students. The protests which are scheduled to begin on monday are meant to register displeasure over this abrupt change of the academic calendar. Students feel they should not be punished with these sudden changes just because of Govt’s misplaced priorities.
However an official response from the COBUSO to the student’s concerns is still being waited upon.

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