CBU students neglected as well


Just recently you carried a story on the non payment of allowances and tuition fees by the PF government to Zambian students studying in Russia and Algeria.

Only if the hearts of people in government are made of stones, they will pay a deaf ear to the cry of students in foreign land.

Its now been seven weeks since the Copperbelt University reopened after an indefinite closure orchestrated and master minded by the stubborn approach of simple issues by the Vice Chancellor, a retired ZAF  Lieutenant.

In these seven weeks, students have not been paid meal allowances while hundreds are still on ommission from term one allowances.The literal meaning of not crediting this money in time is total hunger, poverty, starvation and less academic concentration.

Yesterday there was a student’s General Meeting , at the Monk Square around 17:30hrs at which it was resolved that no student goes to class until money is credited. We have not received any communication from our sponsors the government through the Bursaries Committee as to when money can be credited. It is this undesirable silence which is causing panic and tension in students.

These allowances help students for all meals as the university does not provide meals, they are also helpful to unaccommodated students who were chased early this year in campus to pay for rentals in boarding houses.

There is tension in school and this tension might lead to something undesirable especially during the visit of the Republican President, Mr Sata on Thursday to Kitwe to grace the Independence Day celebrations.

It is obnoxious to digest the excuse that government does not have money to give students whilst they keep spending, hiking their salaries, wage freezing and borrowing money on useless things.

The PF should remember that they are slowly becoming extinct and will soon disappear in oblivion. Those thousands of students who remained in campus to vote for PF even when the university was closed are not stupid.

Come to our aid.

Angry(Hungry) Student

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