CBU to honour VJ with PHD

CBU to honour VJ with PHD

Dr VJ?

Dr VJ?

The Copperbelt University (CBU) is about to confer Vernorn Johnson Mwaanga (VJ) with an honorary doctorate degree (PHD) in human rights, governance and peace building. He will now be known as Dr VJ,if CBU goes ahead with its plans.

Sources at CBU have told the Watchdog that CBU will also honor Carl Irwin, ZAMBEEF Director of Strategy and Development with `a PHD at the next graduation this week.
Sources say, according to the program on the CBU website, the University will confer two Honorary Degrees on selected individuals not yet mentioned, but that the university population is reliably informed that the two recipients of CBU honorary degrees are:

1. Vernon J. Mwanga – To be conferred with an Honorary PHD in Human rights, governance and peace building.

2. Carl Irwin, ZAMBEEF Director of Strategy and Development- Mr Embalmer

Commenting on CBU’ s intention to honor Mwanga, one source said ‘VJ is best known as…‘a drug dealer who was fired by both Presidents Kaunda and Mwanawasa.’

‘Does he have the integrity and honour to be the face of the Copperbelt University?’

On the Zambeef director, the source said, ‘this is the man who was feeding the Zambian population with “embalmed meat” and the horror of that episode is still fresh in the memories of the Zambians.

‘How can a public institution like the Copperbelt University through the School of Business confer an Honorary Degree in Business Administration on such a person of questionable ethic conduct?’

The source further said ‘we the concerned Zambians call on the University management to withdraw these two nominations for honorary degrees before the graduation day.’

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