CBU withholds masters program results due to failure by ZAF to pay fees

Dear Editor,
Please withhold my identity for fear of victimisation.

I am a student enrolled for a master of arts degree in peace and conflict studies at the Copperbelt University under the Dag Hammarskjold Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies. The problem is that since the last semester our results have not been released and we have proceeded into a new semester with resumption of classes without results from the previous semester. I am reliably informed that Zambia
Air Force ZAF which has a good number of foolish army personnel has not paid CBU hence the non release of our results. Those of us that have paid our fees in full and learning here in Lusaka are being held hostage by a bunch of soldiers who are hardly in class and we do not even know how they pass their exams.
This hostage situation is apparently because ZAF hosts the CBU classes at the ZAF base in Longacres and we are suffering with anxiety because of this and fear that this program will lose the credibility that it deserves.
CBU must move the classes from ZAF so that we can exercise our academic abilities in an environment where we can flourish. Just last semester one of the dull senior soldiers pulled out of one of the courses after a confrontation with the lecturer over non submission of work.
Even the CBU lecturers are intimidated by these senior army people who need to be put in their place because CBU is not a military institution.
Can we see some action from the relevant authorities before this degree is reduced to a ZAF joke.
Thank you ZWD

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