Corruption implication: Given Lubinda asked to resign

MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has told Kabwata member of Parliament Given Lubinda to step down from his position as chairman for the African Network of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (APNAC) in light of the Lusaka City Council land scam in which he is implicated.

Ms Siliya said in Lusaka on February 2 that it is immoral for Mr Lubinda to continue in his position as chairman of a respected network when his name is being dragged in the mud on allegations of corruption in the allocation of plots.

Mr Lubinda by virtue of his position as MP for Kabwata is a councillor in the LCC.

Ms Siliya said it is also wrong for Mr Lubinda to attempt to exculpate himself and other councillors from the allegations of corruption at the LCC by levelling counter accusations on others.

“Common sense demands that if as a leader in public office, your integrity is put to question, you must resign until you are cleared. Mr Lubinda must deal with the matters at hand instead of blaming and bringing in people that have nothing to do with his woes.

“The nation wants to know what truly transpired at the LCC. every Zambian including the youth are now seeing the PF for what it is,” she said.

Ms Siliya said what is happening in the PF-run councils is a timely warning to the United Party for National Development.

And Ms Siliya has implored council workers countrywide to be diligent by ensuring that goods and services are delivered to the Zambian people and that other amenities such as markets are provided in a fair manner.

The minister said Government has done a lot to ensure that some of these services get to the people but a lot still needs to be done.

She has warned citizens to be wary of those merely paying lip-service and urged the youth to continue joining the MMD as it is the only hope for their future.

When contacted, Mr Lubinda said he will no longer give comments to the Mail.

Forum for Leadership Search executive director Edwin Lifwekelo has also advised Mr Lubinda to heed calls for him to step down as APNAC chairman.

Mr Lifwekelo said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that Mr Lubinda’s position as APNAC chairperson has been compromised because he is part of the councillors involved in the land saga at the LCC.

He alleged that Mr Lubinda was in the forefront campaigning for the resignation of then Minister of Communications and Transport Dora Siliya when a tribunal was instituted to probe her.

“So if there is any integrity left in Mr Lubinda, he should step down on moral grounds because he cannot stand firm to talk about corruption,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

He said it is important for Mr Lubinda to relinquish his position as APNAC chairperson because his actions are allegedly contrary to what is expected of a chairperson of a big organisation campaigning against corruption.

Recently, a scam was unearthed in which councillors at LCC allocated themselves 81 plots and gave the general public only 11 plots.

LCC has since been suspended to pave way for investigations.

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